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when Krishnamurti, head of the Theosophical Order of the Star, dissolved that organization he disavowed allegiance to any nation, caste, religion or philosophy and spent the rest of his life devoted to the liberation of the individual from all cages and fears Paramahansa Yogananda appointed no successors to his ancient lineage declaring that the age of the guru was past destined to be replaced by...

yoga off the path

yoga off the path

Many people practicing within the Western yoga tradition (and perhaps as many who are not) share a belief that ‘hatha yoga’ is part of an ancient spiritual tradition. It is not. The title of this blog post refers to the fact that I don’t consider my yoga practice to be in accordance with this belief nor even explicitly spiritual. I say, “explicitly” because I also...

the purpose of sweat

The Purpose of Sweat

The body is approximately 60% water. The blood is mostly water and is used to distribute oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other substances to cells as well as remove metabolic byproducts (not toxins as is commonly thought). Water is used to cushion the spine and brain and acts as a kind of shock absorber to prevent injury. Water is a critical component of our body’s cooling system (through...

kolkata arrival

kolkata arrival

Kolkata looks and feels a lot like Hanoi. My two visits to Hanoi have minimized the culture shock here so I have to presume that those who’ve warned me about the challenges haven’t been to a similarly chaotic historical city. Kolkata is certainly larger and more populous than Hanoi, perhaps even a bit dirtier, but English is much more widely spoken and the people a little friendlier...

an open apology to the women who were abused by bikram choudhury


A Los Angeles jury recently found Bikram Choudhury liable for $924,500 in compensatory damages after finding he had subjected an employee to harassment and retaliation. The same jury later hit him with a punitive award of $6,400,000 for just generally acting like a despicable human being. There are several more women who have lawsuits outstanding that accuse him of sexual harassment and rape...

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My name is Eric Jennings and this is my yoga blog. I was certified in Bikram Yoga in 2001, Tony Sanchez Yoga in 2013 and Ghosh Yoga College of India in 2016.

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